Do you find any difficulties in writing your research paper?

Perhaps, you have experienced several rejection by international journals. It may be caused by several factors such as poor translation/writing, high similarity, and so on.

Don’t worry!

In Goodwood Services, we provide a complete package of supporting services to improve your research papers.

Our Services:


International journal requires proper English for its publication. However, many authors still find it is difficult to write in good English. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proofreading by a professional proofreader to correct and improve your academic writing. Of course, you can get it in Goodwood Proofreading Service.


Generally, scholarly journals have a maximum similarity standard at 20%. Moreover, some journals may reject a manuscript with a similarity of more than 20% in its initial review. To make sure, you need to check the similarity of your manuscript before you submit it to a journal. In this regard, Goodwood can help you with an accurate similarity check by Turnitin.


If your paper has a quite high similarity, Goodwood Service can help you to reduce it. However, we can only help if the plagiarism comes from the similarity of the sentences used in your paper. In other words, it is only a similarity reduction. If you do not cite the works you refer to, then it is truly plagiarism that we cannot help with.


Do you find any difficulties when analyzing your research data? Don’t worry! We can also help you with data analysis.


Goodwood translation service is basically intended to support Indonesian researchers when they need their papers translated for international journal publication.